Continuing with the introductions of the Edicy team members this week, I’d like to take a few minutes and introduce Dmitri Smirnov or as he likes to be known, Dima.
Dima has been with Fraktal since May and is our resident tester, he’s responsible tracking down bugs in our software and making sure that our developers produce clean code, it’s a tough assignment. 

Dima is originally from the city of Narva, which is in eastern Estonia, and along with working at Fraktal he’s a student at Tartu University where he’s studying Informatics.  Before coming to work on Edicy Dima did some freelance web design as well as worked at the Tartu University Hospital.  When he’s not working or keeping up to date with the latest technology news he likes taking part and organizing LARP (Live Action Role Playing) games as well relieving some stress at the local firing range.   

We’re glad to have Dima aboard, we hope to keep him very busy so feel free to submit bugs whenever you find them.

Welcome Dima!

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