Today, we made it possible to add titles to the photos in galleries. Along with this oft-requested change we rolled out several improvements to picture and file management.

Adding a title to a photo in Edicy

Adding or editing photo titles follows the same approach as everything else in Edicy — you can edit everything on spot, right where your site visitors will see it. To add (or change) title under a photo, just click on it in the gallery. You'll see the photo in large size along with a placeholder saying "Title goes here". Type title in, save it and you are done. Site visitors will now see the new title when viewing the pic in full size.

Edicy renewed file panel

You might also notice that file panel is much faster than before. We've rebuilt most of it internally to increase speed, stability and ease of use. We've ditched the old clumsy file filter that did not work well when you had lot of files. It is replaced with simple search box that lets you find any of your files in Edicy by name.

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  • Charles guerin Jul 20

    Anyway to animate the slide show?

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