As of today, there are a total of three different payment methods supported by Edicy. You can upgrade to Edicy Pro by paying with PayPal, using money transfer or your credit card.
All credit card payments are securely processed through Adyen — one of the leading internet payment providers, so your credit card details are always safe.

Moreover, we improved Edicy's overall usability: among other new tweaks we added a way to translate pages on-site, eliminating the need to go to the admin view. This brings you yet anohter step closer to full on-site site-editing. Try it out!

Complete release notes:

  • Credit card payments
  • Translate pages on page
  • "Add a page" button gets explanation text
  • Added feature to embed videos from Flickr and Google Videos
  • Fixed problems with file uploader
  • Fixed issues with switching between preview and edit modes in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed conflicts with Skype Toolbar
  • Improved sitemap.xml output
  • Improved RSS output

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  • Ken Burgin Nov 26

    Great service - but still very difficult to find the difference between Free and Pro, and where to pay for an upgrade. Don't be shy!

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