This week we’ve added the ability to add specific keywords and tags to each page so that search engines can find your content a little easier, this is a feature that has been requested a number of times already.
We’ve also added German to our list of languages that we support, making it the 7th language that Edicy is fully available in.

This week’s release notes are:

  • Edicy is now fully available in German!
  • Page based keywords – add words describing each page so that search engines know where to look for your content.
  • Default content is now updated and translated into Estonian, German and Russian.
  • Add new languages to your site directly from your homepage.
  • Added some cool statistics as to who signs up to our homepage as well as our latest news.
  • Improved text formatting when copy and pasting directly from a Word document.
  • Fixed problem where invalid images that are uploaded disable the media menu.
  • Fixed problem where link to front page sometimes takes you to the wrong language.

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  • fudesheng Sep 15

    i want leave edicy,today i find a good site
    i always believe the young strength ,because i was young.
    so,i think you can do very good like it.

  • Tõnu Sep 15

    Well, sorry to see you go, Fudesheng. Probably we'll meet again!

  • fudesheng Sep 15

    yes,i can go back,i temporary leave ,i very nice talk to us.

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