In today’s print issue of Aripäev, Estonia’s largest business paper, there is a full-page article about Edicy.
The articles focus is on our launch and popularity in China shortly after launch.  The article has a nice full sized picture of our CEO Tõnu hard at work in our Tartu office and has some quotes from Tõnu and myself.  The journalist also interviewed the marketing director from Starman who’s website was recently re-launched on the Edicy platform which they chose because of how easy it is to manage the site with Edicy.

Everyone loves press coverage and we were happy to answer the questions Aripäev had for this article, you can read it online in Estonian or a slightly shorter English version on the Baltic Business News website.

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  • fudesheng Sep 09


  • fudesheng Sep 10

    hello,how to add google search?and why google don't search my site?

  • Andres Sep 10

    fudesheng - Adding a search box isn't a feature we have in Edicy at the moment. Google takes some time to add your site to their search, make sure you have good content and look into submitting your site and they'll index it. If you have more problems you can contact us directly at

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