The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot, they say. Till today Fraktal's site was based on plain html even though we have already quite a load of test clients trying out our “shoes” — Edicy web-editor. The tide has turned and now Edicy's main functionality is stable and usable enough to be used as the engine behind most of the SMB websites.
Public beta is still behind mountains though — we don't want to ruin the first impression with a half-of-a-product it still is today due to the lack of “surroundings” and fine-tuning. But the hard part is over and the epicenter of Edicy is ready — an engine for showing, editing, hosting websites.

Currently we are busy building up the design template switching and managing system and — of course — fixing the bugs our testers and test-clients pick out.

Oh, and something for the historians: this is the first public blog post published through Edicy. Wonder what is the first comment going to say? And by the way — we dropped RSS feed just to give you guys a chance to read our blog inside such a nice design. Or because its not woven ready yet. It'll return very soon, hold on.

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  • edvard Apr 29

    I'm very excited to try Edicy out asap, bring it on Fraktal Crew :)

  • mart May 02

    jõudu mehed!

  • margus May 07

    sinu skype'st leidsin lingi ja kuna mulle ei meenunud, et oleks seda posti oma RSSi lugejas näinud mõtlesin, et äkki olete feedi aadressi muutnud. Ja siis avastasin, et RSSi pole üldse enam küljes ja enne postitust läbi lugemata mõtlesin, et olete seal puhta lolliks läinud :)

  • Tõnu May 08

    Kahjuks jah on RSS prioriteetide hulgas alles a la 252. kohal. See tähendab -- väga oluline! :) Eks kuuled kui valmis oleme.

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