If a website is created and noone finds it, does it exist? We believe that besides a beautiful design and editing ease a good site should also be easily found by anyone. That's why Edicy has been developed with search engines in mind: you can access a number of different SEO (search engine optimization) tools to improve your sites page-rank and today we added one more.
You can now verify your site for Google Webmaster Tool. This provides you with detailed reports about your pages' visibility on Google and helps to improve your traffic. We hope you give it a go!

Over the last week we also improved language management and as always, our QA team helped to find and crush some new bugs to make the holidays more carefree for everyone.

Complete release notes:

  • Enhanced language management in Site admin
  • Added possibility to verify site for Google Webmaster Tool
  • Several improvements for vouchers
  • Improved messages on user Sign up page
  • Improved error messages on site Sign in page
  • Improved picture drag and drop
  • Improved picker horizontal scroll
  • Fixed creating new site during voucher redemption for existing user
  • Fixed adding pictures to gallery without reloading the page
  • Fixed gallery interaction with media picker
  • Fixed 404 error on deleting last custom site address

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