Already June, where does the time go?
Below are some of the important changes we’ve made to Edicy recently.  The most important change is probably the continued work on multi-lingual support, having software that works in your own language is something that a lot of companies overlook.  So far we’ve added Estonian and Russian since those are the languages we know. ☺   We hope to extend this list much further in the future to include your local language.

  • Added multiple language environments inside Edicy working space. Started with English, Estonian and Russian languages.
  • Added Estonian and Russian language environments and language switching tool.
  • Tweaked personal card view.
  • Implemented new icon sets in toolbars.
  • Fixed part of date flag not being visible in picture selector.
  • Fixed IE6 rendering and image insertion errors.
  • Fixed new post creation form visible to unauthorized users.
  • Fixed clicking "Add photo" button several times making bottom-margin bigger every time.
  • Fixed flickering of the text-editing zone.

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