Edicy’s focus is on small businesses. Everything is ready and waiting to be launched. But you won't grow out of Edicy as your company grows since Edicy is suited perfectly for large and small companies alike. Today we helped Starman, a telecom company listed on the Estonian stock exchange, launch it's website which is running on Edicy.
The design of Starman's site is custom-made with our little hands, but the system is pure Edicy, unaltered and unchanged from what you can use. Once again it carries a strong message — Edicy is suitable for almost any company's website.

All the differentiation takes place on the design level and you don't need us to build custom designs, it can be done by any web agency, anywhere.

We are going to release a proper "how to" guide to help you setup your own design soon. Stay tuned.

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  • joe Aug 19

    Not able to check out the site. It times out. Not good for their business.

  • Tõnu Aug 20

    Might be that you stumbled upon Starman's site while we had a short downtime for upgrading Edicy. How is it now? Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • jc Aug 24

    the site is still not working...

  • Tõnu Aug 25

    Whoa, sorry! We figured out what was up. For some strange reason (security?) Starman had decided to close down access to starman.ee from outside of Estonia, one's supposed to use www.starman.eu instead. Yes, I know :) Anyway, we've changed the URL's in this post. Sorry again.

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