This week the Edicy team grows a little bigger as Tanel Jakobsoo is joining us.  Tanel is going to be taking up the task of testing and making sure that problem's with Edicy are found and fixed quickly.
Tanel is joining from Sangar AS, which is a large Estonian clothing manufacturer.  At Sangar he was part of a two-man team that ran the entire IT infrastructure for the company, he took care of all the software and hardware needs for over 350 employees.  Tanel graduated the University of Tartu in with a degree in hardware information technology.

Tanel is an avid mountain biker, he’s taken part in a number of team competitions in Estonia, most recently a 4.5hr muddy adventure near the city of Rakvere.  He also keeps up to date with the latest in IT and is active in the Tartu Computer Club and has helped organize a few LAN parties.

We’re glad to have Tanel aboard helping ensure that Edicy is problem free and works the way we envisioned it.

Welcome Tanel!

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  • 符德胜 Sep 06

    And worldpress do not like what edicy have??

  • Tõnu Sep 08

    Why wouldn't they like it? :)

  • fudesheng Sep 09

    i like edicy's concise,but function dont't to much.

  • Andres Sep 09

    fudesheng - What functions do you find don't do anything? Perhaps you can elaborate a little bit so we can help?

  • fudesheng Sep 09

    thank you very much.i think the site'navigation should freedom change sequence!

  • Andres Sep 09

    fudesheng - Being able to change the order of your sites pages is a feature we will release in the near future. Thanks for the feedback.

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